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Michael Rosen's SAD BOOK

There is a little girl inside of me.

She is alive, and sometimes she is very sad.

I read Michael Rosen’s Sad Book for her.


We need sad books.

They remind us that grieving people still smile. And perhaps today they need someone to look behind their smile. Perhaps...


We need sad books.

They hold our hands and sit on our laps. They whisper things like, "It's okay. I understand. I too have been sad."


We need sad books.

They remind us that sad is okay. It is not bad. It is just sad.


We need sad books.

Sometimes life is sad. At times like that, a happy book won't do. It feels wrong. Like no one thinks you have a right to hurt. Reading 'Happy' is like sandpaper to open wounds when all you want to do is have your 'Sad' noticed.


We need sad books.

They give us words to say to the hurting people we care about when we ourselves are out of words. They give us words to share with children who know what sad is, who might be sad, or who simply wish someone big would tell them that sad is okay.


Michael Rosen writes:


"Where is sad?

Sad is anywhere.

It comes along and finds you.

When is sad?

Sad is anytime.

It comes along and finds you.

Who is sad?

Sad is anyone.

It comes along and finds you."


At the end of his book he says, "There must be candles."

I agree.

Even in the sadness, there must be candles. This book, Michael Rosen’s Sad Book, is a candle.


We need sad books, because they light a little light.

They are the hope that we are not alone. Even in sadness.

Someone else was there. They wrote about it.

Some one else is here. They bought the book.

And they want you to know they care.


Buy a sad book for the person inside you who knows what sad is.

Or give the words away to some who you desperately wish you had words for.


We need sad books.

Light a little light.





Written by: Tabitha Bird           Used with permission.

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